Ford Model A 1928 | Member since 2009

Mr. Feroze Golwala is the proud owner of this one family owned Ford in Karachi. The car is undergoing a total rebuild.


This is the only known surviving split window Beetle in Pakistan and also the oldest. Mohsin is the second owner of this car. Mr. Jaleel Ahmed was the first owner who claimed that this was the first Beetle that came to Pakistan.

This car is now proudly owned by Karim Chhapra who bought this car in an auction of the Nawab of Bahalpur Cars. This car has a unique history as it was used for Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Lord Louis Mountbatten on 14th August 1947.

This car was bought by Mohsin in 1995. The first owner is believed to be the ex King of Afghanistan Late Zahir Shah. The car is restored to its original specifications including 6 volts electrics.

This is the only know Fiat 500 which is in daily use by its owner. Mohsin purchased it in 1988 for Rs.2,700/- and participated in a Karachi Hyderabad and back to Karachi Rally in 2009.

This is a 1954 BN1 2 seater Roadster sandwiched between two cars with most of the external and internal parts missing. Now the car is in regular use and recently took part in a marathon Karachi to Islamabad Rally

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